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A Soldier's Song

Drum Theatre, Plymouth - 1997

Adapted from the book by Ken Lukowiak

In 1979 Private Lukowiak was a virgin soldier. In 1982 he went to war, He was away from home a little over eigbt weeks, but the madness and black comedy of active duty in tbe Falklands changed his life ... forever.

Since then he has returned to the Falklands as a journalist and travelled for the first time to Argentina to meet the men he fought, confront his past and undergo trial by television. Now, nearly fifteen years to the day that the task force set sail Ken Lukowiak's book A Soldier's Song is brought to the stage in a funny and deeply moving production.

DirectorHugh Janes
DesignerWill Hargreaves
KenGrant Russell
FrankPhilip Woodford
GrandadBill Bingham
BillStephen Benson
CarolPolly Hayes

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