TOUCHING THE PAST, a play about Nancy Astor, Britain’s first female MP
STORM feature film based on the SAS’s secret war in Oman is in pre-production with director R. Paul Wilson
NIGHT, a new play, opens at The Old Library, Bodmin December 2019
ALL AT SEA, feature film comedy, was released in September 2019
  • The Hit List - What to see, August 2003
    Top Five Spoofs
    • "One-liners and hilarious observations... punctuate the script" The Scotsman

      "The funny side of Wagner" The Scotsman

      "Ever decreasing 'cycle' is a Fringe success The Times

      "This breathless whirl is an all-singing, all-dancing romp. The Fest

      "A surprise hit at the fringe"The Times

  • Irish Daily Star, August 15 2003
    Opera with a twist!

  • Various Press, August 2003

  • Theatre Guide - London, August 2003
    Well, if it worked for Shakespeare...
    • Pitching his tent somewhere between the Reduced Shakespeare Company and Gerard Hoffnung, Hugh Janes and his cast do to Wagner what should be done to Wagner.
      Two performers and an occasionally speaking pianist manage to tell us most of the story of the operas and manage to get much of it right, despite their conviction that The Valkyrie is actually set in Scotland and Siegfried should be sung in a country and western mode.
      Obviously we are in the realm of broad parody and no opportunity for cocking a snook is overlooked. Michele Moran's Brunnhilde, clearly having seen Apocalypse Now, insists that her big number should be accompanied by helicopters. The battle between Siegmund and Hunding takes place at the Highland Games, with David Plimmer playing both roles.
      And the audience is repeatedly involved in the action in panto style, helping to form the rainbow bridge, singing along with the valkyries, and don't ask me why line dancing in their pews. Some of this has been done before, in sketch shows and the like, but throwing all these comic and satiric devices into one show, with the comic butt that everyone is ready to see skewered, makes for a thoroughly satisfying entertainment.
      Gerald Berkowitz
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