TOUCHING THE PAST, a play about Nancy Astor, Britain’s first female MP
STORM feature film based on the SAS’s secret war in Oman is in pre-production with director R. Paul Wilson
NIGHT, a new play, opens at The Old Library, Bodmin December 2019
ALL AT SEA, feature film comedy, was released in September 2019
  • Aberdeen Evening Express, August 1998
    I can't do anything but recommend it to anyone who enjoys good theatre
    • When the curtain goes up the set is nothing short of breathtaking and the action which fills the space perfectly

      Belfast Telegraph, August 1998
      "Barbara Taylor Bradford knows better than most how to spin a successful yarn, and this adaptation of one of her blockbusting novels has more twists and turns than a game of snakes and ladders."

      Brighton Evening Argus, June 1998
      ". . . all the dramatic crescendo you would expect from a blockbuster drama."

      Theatreworld Internet Magazine, June 1998
      "Hugh Janes has done a brilliant adaptation of Barbara Taylor Bradford's novel..."

  • The Times - the arts, Thursday 4 June 1998
    Tension heightened by real life drama
    • THE terrific buzz in the audience before the curtain went up on this world premier almost doubled with some shock news.
      Just before Hugh Janes' adaptation of Barbara Taylor Bradford's Dangerous to Know began, producer Bill Kenright announced that support actress Lana Morris was in hospital.
      Remarkably, at just two hours notice, Eileen Page stepped in to read the part from script.
      Mr. Kenright then turned the atmosphere up another notch by introducing the world famous novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford herself, sitting in the audience.
      With just six actors and one excellent set anyone familiar with the author's epic family saga can be assured Janes has worked miracles.
      The story begins with the mysterious murder of a philanthropic millionaire.
      Beautiful American journalist Vivienne Trent, superbly played by Rula Lenska, was married to him, and stayed close friends when they got divorced.
      She feels emotionally bound to seek out the truth surrounding his death, and she suspects his son by a former marriage.
      Jack Locke is a tempestuous and witty character too full of drink and hate for his dead father.
      Michael Praed has grip on this role like a terrier on a rabbit, and he was marvelous throughout the play.
      Revelations before the funeral empty a can of worms, most of the from the lips of Cyrus Locke, the grandfather, played with particular vile by Peter Byrne.
      Nothing in this play is wasted or frivolous, and Terrance Booth as Detective Kenelly, and Doroto Puzio as Marie-Laure, are strong. Charlotte Weston as Luciana Locke is also good, and really gets her claws in by act two.
      But the evening was given to Eileen Page for her stupendous scratch performance as Countess Zoe Granaille.
      Directed by Roger Redfarn, Dangerous to Know is racy in dialogue, stage movement and time.
      It was a great first night, and really enjoyable.
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