TOUCHING THE PAST, a play about Nancy Astor, Britain’s first female MP
STORM feature film based on the SAS’s secret war in Oman is in pre-production with director R. Paul Wilson
NIGHT, a new play, opens at The Old Library, Bodmin December 2019
ALL AT SEA, feature film comedy, was released in September 2019

Devonport Guildhall, Plymouth, 2008

The Guildhall was once the civic heart of Devonport, designed by the architect John Foulston in 1821 and part of a plan that included an Egyptian house, a Hindu temple and a commemorative column to celebrate this thriving area. In its current position amongst the demolished remains of Ker Street, this neo-classical building speaks of past prosperous times whilst presiding over the developers bulldozers and cranes. Hugh Janes and Jules Laville use the changing fortunes of the Devonport Guildhall to present a visual, physical feast for the eye, mind and heart.

A promenade event, highlighting the changing fortunes of the historic town of Devonport as seen through the eyes of a cynical overseer and a boxer who won't stay down.

Cast: Tim Goodwin, Joe Carey, Anita Parry

Director: Steve Marmion

Choreographer: Jules Laville
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