TOUCHING THE PAST, a play about Nancy Astor, Britain’s first female MP
STORM feature film based on the SAS’s secret war in Oman is in pre-production with director R. Paul Wilson
NIGHT, a new play, opens at The Old Library, Bodmin December 2019
ALL AT SEA, feature film comedy, was released in September 2019
Land of Lies

Cockpit Theatre, London - September 2003

A play about the life of Magda Quandt, a cultured divorcee who joined the National Socialist Party after hearing Joseph Goebbels speak at a rally in 1929. They seduced each other but after they married Magda became entwined in her husband's web of deceit and her privileged life, as mother figure of the Nation, ended in Hitler's bunker where she committed suicide after taking the lives of her children.

Co-written with Gerald Moon

ProducerBeechcroft Productions
DirectorGerald Moon

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